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Grad Horizons Webinars

GH Webinar:  Information for Prospective Applicants, 12/13/2011

This recorded webinar is designed to give potential applicants an idea of:

  • What we accomplish during the four days of the program
  • Information regarding applicant eligibility and tips for applying to our workshop
  • How we prepare you to apply for graduate and professional programs in your field of interest
  • Cost of our program and how to apply for travel assistance to attend the program
  • Our partner programs and partner institutions
  • Q & A session with the director of our program


Featured Speaker: Carmen Lopez, EdM (Navajo), Executive Director of College & Graduate Horizons.  Attendees will also hear a bit from our webinar sponsor and partner organization, The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management about their amazing opportunities for students who are applying to MBA programs.We are able to host this webinar through their generous support.

GH Webinar:  Strategies for Taking the GRE/LSAT/MCAT/DCAT/GMAT, 12/20/2011
This recorded webinar gives potential applicants of Graduate Horizons:

  • The purpose of the graduate exam as part of the GH application and admissions process
  • Info on how graduate exams are used in the graduate admissions process,
  • Strategies, tips, and advise on taking a practice or official graduate examAddressing and alleviating test anxiety
  • Suggestions from a student on how she prepared for the exam
  • The reality of exams and what aspects of your academic performance you can control
  • Where to go on the GH website to find instructions on taking a free practice exam.


Featured Speaker: Jay Rosner, the Executive Director of The Princeton Review Foundation, is an admission test expert based in the San Francisco bay area. He specializes in providing underrepresented minority undergraduates with test preparation information and resources for the GRE, LSAT, MCAT and GMAT. The Foundation he heads currently collaborates with such organizations as the Choctaw Nation, the Cherokee Nation, Spirit of EAGLES of the Mayo Clinic and, of course, College and Graduate Horizons. Jay is also a testing consultant to the NABC (men's college basketball coaches).